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Submitted by SuperSayu on Tue, 02/09/2016 - 11:29

Number two in my list of SS13 spinoff concepts, I feel that the aesthetic, mechanics, and universe of Space Station 13 would lend itself well to a roguelike in the traditional sense; a survivor against the galaxy facing long odds, odds so long that you will die a thousand times before your first true victory.

In my mind, a survivor in a ruined space station fights decompression and poor resources until he finds an escape pod, which sends him to another derelict station in the same orbit, and another after that; along the way, monsters, mad crewmembers, syndicate agents, and more hazards are constantly on the mind, plus there is always the danger of decompression--both low pressure, needing a suit, and low oxygen, needing a mask. These stations are each dynamically generated in purist roguelike fashion, quite possibly with several choices (in the vein of the lovely space roguelike FTL) so you can choose between dying of fire, bullets, or vacuum.

But built on top of the SS13 engine and conceits, there is no reason why you couldn't salvage and repair stations, either. Once you collect a full set of tools, you can disassemble useless walls and repair broken or missing ones, collect enough intact floor plates to make your room a home, scrap together some solar panels, and finally have a powered home among the stars--even if that's not quite your goal. If you set multiple runs in the same universe, one well-built safehouse can help you improve on your next runs. Once you have power, you can scrounge up an autolathe circuitboard and some parts so future rogues won't be lacking for tools; find some seeds and they might farm some food; get together enough parts for a communications center and you might attract traders; get the right parts and you might be able to patch together a research department. Know that the Syndicates have set up shop on a particular derelict station? Maybe you want to come loaded for (space)bear with not only guns but homemade bombs, or if you're particularly lucky, a full combat mech. Find a slime out there in the wilderness? Well, feed it enough raw meat and maybe you can sneak it home and breed new strains. But if you run out of meat, you may become the next meal...

There is plenty of opportunity for loot. If you stumble upon a Space Wizard sanctuary, maybe you can steal a few scrolls and store them back home--perhaps you or future rogues will need one of those arcane spells to slaughter a den of xenowhatsits or to sneak into a hidden Centcom facility to reactivate--or kill--the derelict AI. Killing a Syndicate may also give you good tools--just don't use them on anything you want to salvage!

And then one day, finally, you may piece together enough parts for your own spaceship, with enough breathable air to get out of this hellish debris-laden orbit, to get back to a planet with green grass and no meteors.

Like most of my game concepts, it's something I really want to play. I could almost see myself making a decent start on the project... if only... but no, I think it's bigger than me by a fair bit. Alas!