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Submitted by SuperSayu on Tue, 08/27/2019 - 22:56

I have wanted for a long time to write again. Unfortunately, I always stumble and fall, as happened last year with the National Novel Writing Month goal. I binge write and lose interest, and have never been able to set a good pace and keep to it. Hopefully that will change!

Recently I have been reading several pieces of serial fiction on Royal Road, some of which are absolutely fantastic. I have decided that I would start posting some writing of my own; it's something of an experiment, but since Royal Road lets me schedule updates in advance, I have decided to try to use that to pace myself. I have one story already started, and am intending to post the aforementioned NaNoWriMo story as soon as it clears.

The "new" story is, in fact, an isekai-genre story set in the Demonsword Project universe. (Astute readers, if I had any, would note that I have shown a predilection for the topic in my previous post listing daydreams that I've had.) This story specifically is actually something that has been a daydream for some time, and I have been meaning to try to put it into writing. A man from Terra is reborn on Draco, not merely having a new life, but in fact set to become a god, as well as (most likely) a very powerful spellcaster. This is not specifically intended to be a "main character is superior to all" story, but rather, it allows me to enjoy exploring and fleshing out what it means to be a god in a fantasy universe. The Demonsword Project universe, after all, was always exactly that: an experiment in combining various depictions of magic to create a unified aesthetic for what "magic" would mean in my universe.

And that is where God of Eyes comes in. A (some might say blatant) excuse to frame a story around a god, while making them be real people, in a world where magic powers can already be devastatingly powerful, this story should eventually (if I can keep up my will to live and write) show the main character and his effect on the world, as a newly minted, very strange little god.

It won't be perfect, but it will be interesting.

The other story... has thus far been untitled in my Google Drive, but I put to it the title "The Order and the Lost". It is an aggressively ensemble cast; originally on a whim, I cycled through my cast of characters chapter by chapter, revisiting some but never showing two chapters from the same point of view back to back. The plot actually managed to come together fairly well, although I haven't finished it and am having trouble working up the nerve to do so; I think I made a misstep trying to end it too soon, and probably need to back up a few steps, rewriting chapters since I started the rush towards the conclusion. Up to that point, it builds in so many different directions that it's a little hard to summarize as a story. Without going through it to count, there are at least eleven characters over thirty chapters who have at least one chance to be in the limelight, and few things have the place in the story that you might expect.

It is a morbid and peculiar piece of writing, and I cherish it in ways that are difficult to express. I hope that others will enjoy it as much as I do.

I don't know if I will have the force of will to get my head back on track, but I am hopeful that I will get some writing done in the next few months at least. I hope this will help me and maybe even convince me to see at least one story through to the end. After that... who knows what comes next.