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Submitted by SuperSayu on Sun, 03/15/2015 - 17:19
I have been reading webcomics since at least 2003. In my first years of college I spent far too much time pouring through archives in a major depressed slump, and I never really stopped following them since then. The names have changed a lot--some broke up with me, some I broke up with, and some now live on only in memories, their archives gone forever. This is a list of most (but not all) of the webcomics I currently track. For lack of a better organizational strategy, I am organizing them into broad lists by preference level, but keep in mind that I do or did read all of them; if I didn’t they wouldn’t be on the list to start with. Position within the list is arbitrary. This does not include unofficial manga scanlations, which I deny reading. I use an RSS feed aggregator to handle almost all of my reading habits; currently, this is an instance of [Tiny Tiny RSS]( on my own server. I have also used the news aggregator plugin on my [Nextcloud]( server, but that had some incompatibilities that TTRSS has not, and is missing some features.. An addendum at the bottom lists a few finished webcomics that were and remain awesome. Updated August 22, 2017. Personal Favorites - [Schlock Mercenary]( (Sci-fi/Comedy) - [Sluggy Freelance]( (Comedy) - [Order of the Stick]( (Comedy/RPG) - [Erfworld]( (Comedy with strategy game trappings) - [Magellan]( (Superhero) - [Rusty and Co]( (Comedy/RPG) - [Manly Guys Doing Manly Things]( (Comedy/VG) - [Goblins]( (RPG) - [XKCD]( (Comedy/Varies) - [Freefall]( (Sci-fi) - [Gunnerkrigg Court]( (Fantasy/Slice of Life) - [Grrl Power]( (Superhero/Comedy) YMMV+ - [Tower of God]( - [Noblesse]( - [Housepets!]( - [Paranatural]( - [Questionable Content]( - [Supernormal Step]( - [Girl Genius]( - [No Need For Bushido]( (Comedy/Action) - [Yosh! Saga]( - [El Goonish Shive]( - [Slightly Damned]( - [Las Lindas]( - [Wandering Ones]( - [Dresden Codak]( - [Antihero for Hire]( (Comedy/Superhero) - [Dan & Mab's Furry Adventure]( - [Cucumber Quest]( - [Prequel]( - [The Dementia of Magic]( - [The Gamer]( - [Sinfest]( (No rss) - [I Don't Want This Kind of Hero](…) YMMV- - [The God of High School](…) - [unOrdinary]( - [Sam & Fuzzy]( - [Marry Me]( - [The Badguys]( Used to follow but don’t - [Flipside]( (doesn’t play nice with my RSS reader so missed a ton) - [Something Positive]( (eh) - [Sins]( (No rss) - [Star Cross'd Destiny]( (stalled then did that whole reboot thing) - [User Friendly]( - [Player vs Player]( - [Blaster Nation]( - [Modest Medusa]( - [Shortpacked!]( - [Kevin & Kel]( - [General Protection Fault]( - [Awkward Zombie]( - [Exiern]( - [The Dreamland Chronicles]( - [Megatokyo]( - [Flaky Pastry]( - [Evil, Inc]( - [Dangerously Chloe]( - [Castlevania RPG]( - [Magic Chicks]( Hiatus / Dying / Dead - [Blade Bunny]( (Comedy/Action) - [Kagerou]( (No rss) - [Dragon Mango]( (Awful update schedule, still going though) - [Exterminatus Now]( - [VGCats]( - [Dungeon Crawlers]( - [Emergency Exit]( ) - [Chronicles of Loth]( - [In]( - [Parallel Dementia]( - [Daisy Owl]( - [Secret of Mana Theater]( (video) - [The Wotch]( - [Deus Ex Somnia]( - [Nahast: Lands of Strife]( Finished - [Dr. McNinja]( (Comedy/Action) - [Bob and George]( - [In Wily's Defense]( - [Point Guardian]( - [Comedity]( - [DM of the Rings]( - [Inverloch]( - [Narbonic]( - [Unicorn Jelly]( - [Digger]( - [Guaranos]( - [It's Walky!]( - [Dominic Deegan]( - [Queen of Wands]( (Related to Something Positive) - [Adventurers!]( (Related to Antihero for Hire) - [A Miracle of Science]( - [Problem Sleuth]( - [Always Human]( - [Alice Grove](