• Tech WAiTY: Augmented Reality

    Technology: We Ain’t There Yet. The Waity List is a series of articles on technologies that we shouldn’t get too excited about, at least until they can meet certain criteria. I have written about this on my old blog, now defunct, but I was inspired listening to This Week in Google‘s year in review for […]

  • Emotional Statelessness: A Problem in Game Design

    A Brief History of this Essay This was originally a part of an essay describing problems I had with the crowdfunded game Starbound, and describing what I would have preferred that game to be, and how I would make a theoretical sequel to the game. I originally wrote that essay before Starbound got its 1.0 […]

  • Overwatch 2: Mechanically Addressing Naive Characterization (A Suggestion)

    A short preface As I mentioned in my previous blog post, I had a longer essay on thoughts about Overwatch 2 that I ended up not liking and sitting on for a long time. Part of that was the overall pretentiousness of my tone, which you may still see here, but another part of it […]

  • Overwatch 2: Multiplayer, Content Grinding, and the MCV Problem

    A short preface This was originally part of a longer essay, and to be clear: I have no idea to what degree Team Overwatch’s plans have changed since we last heard about it. The direct reason for this essay is the proposed character leveling system which was proposed for Overwatch 2’s cooperative PvE game mode, […]

  • Words to say: I have a few

    So! If anyone was actually following my blog you’d note that is has been out of commission for… a while now. And not well-updated before then. And that is exactly the point–I was self-hosting a blog and not exactly keen on keeping the server software constantly updated. Migrating from one version of Drupal to the […]